Part Time Agent Opportunities

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    Success happens when you and your brokerage work together. Agents are professionals and they have a personal style of prospecting, selling, and deal management. Agents will maximize their potential with a broker who takes time to get to know them, support them, and help them grow, on their terms and with their ideas.

    Why should the part time agent be tagged with a lower split or get less respect in the industry because they perhaps work another full time job?

    As a Broker for many years, I have found that sometimes less really is more. Sometimes a part time agent can progress a deal from start to finish as well or better than an agent who handles several deals a month. With less distractions, maybe the part time agent is more focused, not in such a rush to move to the next lead or deal, and give their clients a bit more attention.

    The client is always going to stick to the agent that worked the deal with a conscientious eye and gave them plenty of personal attention. By not being over-committed, it may be the part timer who is present at the home inspection, doesn’t pawn off the paperwork on the attorney, and shows his support by being present at the closing.

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