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    The Russell Realty Group is looking for several showing assistants to work our buyer leads. Our inbound buyer leads come from Google, Craigslist, Zillow, Trulia and many other places. Once the lead registers on our top ranking site,, they are then called and qualified by our inside sales team, and passed to you when they are ready to meet at a property.

    Our ISA will be setting the first appointments and coordinating the first meeting; you take it from there. Once you meet with the client, the lead will be placed in your state-of-the-art boomtown lead generation system for you to continue to work with in concert with the ISA. Our Boomtown system allows you to track every step the buyer makes online, keeping you in touch with your buyer like no other system or company offers.

    No other company provides this opportunity to its agents, where all you have to do is open the door and take over from there! Apply Here for a Showing Assistant Position

    We are looking for only dedicated, full time or almost full time real estate professionals who have the commitment and self-discipline to truly profit from this innovative team approach. Our strategic systems and efficient processes will result in regular closings which will boost your success almost immediately.

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    For more information please contact

    Evan Russell

    See our Broker/Owner Evan Russell give a testimonial about Boomtown and how the Boomtown software is changing the way The Russell Realty Group is doing business!