The Internet and Home Buying


    The Internet has altered how an average person can find a home to buy. Before the Internet, a home buyer would need to go through a real estate agent for every aspect of the home buying process, from figuring out mortgage payments to finding property listings. Now, with some much information online, the home buyer can just go on the web to find tools that can help him get started, before he even consults an agent. Read this article for some suggestions on how you can use the web in your home-buying process.

    To find out how much house you can really afford, you should get pre-approved for a mortgage. In the past, you had to sit down with your lender and fill out a bunch of forms, then wait for the paperwork to be processed before you get pre-approved. Nowadays, you can do this online. There are plenty of mortgage lender options on the web that can give you a quick approval. This is a quick way to find out whether or not you are qualified to buy in a specific price range.

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    If you want to figure out a typical monthly payment of a home loan, you can use a mortgage calculator to do that for you. Just plug in the home price, down payment, loan amount, the interest rate and the loan period, and you should get back an estimate of how much your monthly mortgage should be. This will help you budget for this big expense every month.

    You can look for a real estate agent online. If you type in your city and the words “real estate agent,” you should be able to get some results on the top agents in your area. You can probably find a profile on each of them.

    A big advantage with the Internet now is that you can actually search for home listings that fit your criteria. In the past, only real estate agents had access to the Multiple Listing Service. Now, the public has access to it. You can fill in the form with your criteria, and you will get a listing of the possibilities. Searching for homes has never been easier or more convenient.

    Another advantage that the web provides is that that some listings provide a slide show or a virtual tour of the house. This is a great way to get preview of the house without even setting foot in it. You can get a quick glimpse and a feel of whether or not the listing is worth a personal tour.

    The web also provides a lot of information on the neighborhood and community. Check the city or county’s website for details. Look up the school district. You can find a lot of information.

    Make use of the Internet to help you do some preliminary research on houses for sale. Apply the information that you have learned here, and you can make the most out of this powerful digital resource.

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